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Story-gatherer & wizard of words reflects on stories we tell to relate, understand & persuade each other. Share your stories.


Diane F. Wyzga, RN, JD and professionally trained storyteller has earned national recognition as an experienced litigation and communications consultant for her work using the principles of storytelling to persuade, inspire, and guide decision making. Skillful use of narrative techniques helps a decision-maker relate an unfamiliar situation to their own experience so they can act with understanding.

Leaders who use language with power, passion and precision can skillfully translate images into compelling themes and desired action. Diane's clients effectively use storytelling principles to identify, shape and deliver the successful narrative designed to influence decision-makers far beyond the reach of any PowerPoint presentation.

Lightning Rod Communications specializes in oral and written communications, focus group research, and precisely identifying the story that needs to be told.

Diane has authored many articles on storytelling and legal storytelling as well as having contributed to a number of professional texts for lawyers and corporate leaders.

Humans are 'homo narrans' grounded in stories and the telling of stories to relate and understand each other. Currently, Diane is investigating and reporting on the larger, more universally themed stories we tell to learn how those stories influence the ways we behave in the world. For example, What are the stories we are telling? For what purpose and uses? What are the words we use to express the emotional meaning of those stories?

When not helping leaders identify, shape and effectively deliver the stories they need to tell in their communities, Diane is actively engaged as a Lady Beewrangler managing her own apiary, kayaking, ocean sailing, cooking & looking for the next Camino.

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